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Beulah Joseph is turning things upside down and taking charge. ”It’s time,” she says with a gleam in her eye. Having been one of Melbourne’s most mesmerising jazz, blues and soul singers for the past 20 years, this is definitely an exciting turn of events.

“For so long I’ve prioritised other people and other things. I’ve done what I should rather than what I could. This marks a new stage in my life where I am going to reach and stretch and see where that leads.”

10991045_10152625874288344_3616466602941657287_n[2]It is impossible to listen to Beulah sing and not be moved. From angelic sweetness to raw gutsy power, Beulah draws us in not only with her siren song but also with her incredible stage presence and sheer love of music. It is easy to see why she is in high demand for events and functions.

“What gets me every time is the sounds of the different instruments melding together to produce a rich backdrop from which I can sing. There’s just nothing quite like it.”

Her influences include Billie Holliday, Etta James, Erykah Badu, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and so many more – all strong female vocalists and ideal mentors.

JadidaJadida press low res

Beulah has also been instrumental in other projects. As lead vocalist in world fusion group, Jadida, Beulah has worked on theatre shows and singing, drumming and dance workshops as well as performances for small, intimate audiences to the large dance frenzies of the festival circuit.

Together with Jadida, Beulah has performed most notably at Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Arts Centre, Federation Square, St Kilda Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Globe to Globe World Music Festival and many others. For more information on Jadida, please click here.

   Queen Bees

The queen bee is the fully developed fertile female of the bee hive. Her role is leader of the hive and she ensures their survival. This vocal trio consisting of Beulah Joseph, Georgina Poletti Moulds and Ruth Kennedy, has taken on this metaphor of a woman expressing her leadership through a preeminent position that leads a group or activity. The Queen Bees strive to celebrate and promote female leadership, recognising the very real contribution that women make to our society.
The Queen Bees formed in February 2017 and performed at the launch of Dance Party Republica, Great Darebin Music Feast 2017 and other events. Beulah and Ruth have been friends for 20 years and sang together in Wulaba, an eleven-piece all female West African ensemble featuring singers, drummers and dancers. They were also band members of La Loba, a five piece all female band. Georgia and Ruth met at a Singing Leaders’ Camp in November 2016 and the rest is her-story. For more information on the Queen Bees, please click here